center for public integrity logoWhy doesn’t government know what’s in your food? Because industry can declare on their own that added ingredients are safe without ever consulting the Food and Drug Administration about potential health risks. read the story
What’s really in our food?
When we focus on the impact of food there is perhaps an assumption that we know what we eat or at least that what we eat is effectively regulated. Not so, according to a lengthy investigation by Public Integrity led by Chris Young with Erin Quinn. It turns out that not only is the FDA unable to check what goes in to our food,  it appears that some of the same characters  – the very same scientists — who worked for the tobacco companies in advising on the dangers of smoking are now advising on what goes into our food. It’s a harrowing story which brings the plot of the film “Thank You For Smoking”  to life. The prime story from Chis and Erin set out the case and was superbly amplified by a very clever piece of animated video conceived and executed by Jared Bennett and Eleanor Bell with Chris and Erin. It’s the sort of story telling we may do more. The influence of the “tobacco” guys on our food supply is morbidly fascinating too.