AUTEUR Robert Reich .

Have we learned nothing from thirty years of failed trickle-down economics?

By now we should know that when big corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy get special goodies, the rest of us get shafted.

No conditions were put on the Wall Street banks for what they were supposed to do for the rest of us in return for our bailing them out. None of their top executives even went to jail for causing the crash in the first place.

Here again, nothing trickled down.

Now comes the Trans Pacific Partnership. Read more

‘1984: Orwell’s Timeless Warning (2013)’ is a film by Dominoes Falling Productions, using a collaboration of various material as a representation of George Orwell’s warning to the world in his book ‘1984’. The film features the Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) film, BBC’s George Orwell: A Life in Pictures, Tony Benn, David Icke, Mark Dice & John Lennon.

Please visit the links below to see the various sources used (in no particular order): (BBC’s George Orwell: A Life in Pictures) (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (Tony Benn – The Flame Of Anger Against Injustice And The Flame Of Hope) (David Icke on George Orwell’s 1984 and Big Brother) (Mark Dice – Winston Smith’s Secret Diary From Nineteen Eighty-Four – Life Imitating Art) (John Lennon Famous Words Of Wisdom)

Music: (Encode – The Fog Of Love) (Donae’o – Fire [The Prototypes Vocal Remix]) (Blackmill – Evil Beauty [Changing Faces, NuKid & Alicrity Remix]) (Zack Hemsey – The Way)
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With thanks to Andy Johnson for the cover design.

Finally, thanks to all everyone involved in the film.