infowars logoby Paul Joseph Watson

Infowars reporters Rob Dew and cameraman Josh Owens were harassed by Austrian federal police at a checkpoint six miles away from where the secretive Bilderberg Group will meet later this week, with cops even visiting them at their hotel to check their passports.

Dew and Owens arrived in Telfs near to where the globalist confab is taking place to discover an unprecedented security operation in full swing days before Bilderberg members even arrive at the remote location in the Austrian alps.

Attempting to drive to their hotel, the two were quickly apprehended at a checkpoint a short distance up the mountain from Telfs where their passports, drivers license and booking papers were checked by police, who then demanded to perform a full inspection of their rented vehicle. Check out

Bilderberg Police Want To Question Infowars Reporter

Federal police in Austria are demanding to speak to Infowars reporter Rob Dew about YouTube videos which show police questioning Dew and cameraman Josh Owens near the site of the 2015 Bilderberg conference. Check out