The brutal logic of contemporary capitalism

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‘Wij zijn de scheppers van onze eigen toekomst’

Saskia Sassen doceert sociologie aan Columbia University, NY. Ze is van Nederlandse origine, maar werkt al vele jaren als academicus in de Verenigde Staten. Ze raakte vooral bekend met haar onderzoek naar “globale steden” (Tokio, New York en Londen) als ruggengraat van de wereldeconomie.
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A review of Paul Mason’s ‘Post Capitalism: a Guide to Our Future’ by Irvine Welsh.

The most interesting thing about historical change is that as soon as a social and political movement hits its zenith, it is by definition in decline, with the next order invariably found incubating inside it. The post-war settlement of democratic socialism begat the era of privatization, when the rich decided they no longer wanted to pay for the welfare state, and set about dismantling it. But all that avarice couldn’t have flourished without a genuine ideology underpinning it. This was the notion of a property-owning democracy in a free market, where state assets, from shares in the nationalized industries, to council homes, could be made available to individual consumers (not citizens). Check out

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