Gilbert IsbinI always followed my own path. I composed, performed and recorded the music that I personally liked. Never did concessions. And that’s fair enough for me.

I like to collaborate with musicians that are searchers. Musicians who developed their proper language but still are exploring new paths. Very important to me is that he musician is not a difficult person to work with, that he is positive thinking towards the project, that he is striving for an excellent musical result. It kills creativity when lots of energy is lost into handling ego things. Most of the musicians I collaborated with were very down to earth, humble and gentle people. For me it stimulates creativity. Check out

Videos by Didier Eeckhout using a Gilbert Isbin/Iain Cameron music:
Nostalgic Bruges
In Bruges Street Animation
A Walk In Bruges On A Sunny Day
Kasteel De La Faille
Visit To Occupy
Across Bruges
Brugge Die Scone 
The Way Has Become Shorter
Moments And Places
Solitary Places
Spring Is In The Air
Eeckhoutian Film
Promenating In A ‘Destitute Ghent
Bruges, A Photo Essay
A Street View