Press Freedom Faces many treats in the EU

(Tony Rogers, journalism expert)

The CPJ report says that image may be misleading, as threats to the news media are on the increase in many of the EU’s 28 member states.

There are other issues as well. Access to information can often be restricted, and counter-terrorism measures enacted in recent years can often conflict with the ability of  journalists to do their jobs. Check out

the World Press Freedom Day

fonds pascal decroos LOGOHow The Emancipated Journalist Can Save European Democracy (But Isn’t Doing It Yet)

If the European Union wants to survive as a union of citizens, it needs to allow room for a public debate about the EU with all its pros and cons. To feed that debate, we need independent watchdogs. We need emancipated journalists to rise up to the challenge. Check out

Birkbeck Institute for Social Research in collaboration with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and Media Reform Coalition present Journalism, Whistleblowing and the Security State.

This unique event brings together a group of whistleblowers from the US national security state to address UK academics, activists and journalists. Panellists will discuss recent threats to independent journalism and whistleblowing on both sides of the Atlantic, placing developments in the context of massive surveillance and the on-going War on Terror.

What Is Citizen Journalism?

(Tony Rogers, journalism expert)

Put very simply, citizen journalism is when private individuals do essentially what professional reporters do – report information. That information can take many forms, from a podcast editorial to a report about a city council meeting on a blog. It can include text, pictures, audio and video. But it’s basically all about communicating information of some kind.

The other main feature of citizen journalism is that it’s usually found online.
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