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Steeds meer Londense, op het eerste zicht openbare pleinen, parken of wegen zijn eigenlijk in handen van private bedrijven. The Guardian brengt deze “pseudo-publieke” ruimtes in kaart en bericht over private beveiligingsfirma’s die mensen van die pleinen kunnen verwijderen omdat ze een foto nemen, betogen of er gewoon wat haveloos uitzien.
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Revealed: the insidious creep of pseudo-public space in London

A Guardian Cities investigation has for the first time mapped the startling spread of pseudo-public spaces across the UK capital, revealing an almost complete lack of transparency over who owns the sites and how they are policed. Read more

I’m a photographer not a terrorist

“Within seconds I was surrounded by five Westfield security guards telling me I couldn’t film there, I was on private property,” Said Mendez.

During the filming of a Dutch documentary about Ken Livingstone and London, the ex-mayor clarifies the difference between civil and criminal law.

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